uMhlanga UIP Focus Projects for 2023

As we look ahead into 2023, the uMhlanga UIP anticipate a few projects to improve not only the aesthetics but ensure a functioning, well-managed and secure precinct. While the uMhlanga UIP team still places a significant focus on cleaning, greening, and maintenance, special projects take place to deal with additional tasks in the precinct.

Our uMhlanga Promenade is getting some tlc this year with a few special projects dedicated specifically to ensure our promenade is always looking its best.

Promenade bench upgrade
As some of the benches on the uMhlanga promenade have given way to rot, they will be upgraded this year.

Balustrade painting from Lighthouse to Villa Pax
The promenade balustrades are in need of a lick of paint and our team will be all hands on deck to complete the painting from the uMhlanga Lighthouse all the way to Villa Pax.

Repairs on the uMhlanga Promenade due to movement of curbing
Due to the movement of curbing along the promenade, paving repairs will take place over the period.

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