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How we make a difference

Established in 2007, Urban MGT is one of the leading precinct management companies in KZN, providing a range of urban management expertise for brown and greenfield precinct management structures. Urban MGT is currently responsible for the establishment and management of Urban Improvement Precincts (UIPs) and Management Associations (MAs) that include the uMhlanga Village and Promenade UIPs, Florida Rd UIP, Ballito UIP, Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate MA, Bridge City MA, and Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA.

Striving to set the national benchmark for urban management standards, Urban MGT is focused on evolving best practice in urban management, upskilling staff, and ensuring meaningful and productive engagement with local authorities and stakeholders.

Our Services


Municipal Partnerships

We develop mutually beneficial relationships with local municipal departments and lobby for investment in infrastructure.

Cleaning, Greening and Maintenance

A fundamental of urban management, well-maintained spaces become active spaces, which in turn results in safe spaces.

Optimising Service Delivery

Optimising municipal service delivery and complementing provided services assists in maximising the value of urban spaces.

Place-Making, Marketing and Communications

Uncovering what makes a place and how best this character can be marketed and communicated, help create viable economic nodes.

Safety and Security

A proactive approach to securing pubic spaces and working with local safety structures helps instil confidence in urban nodes.

Special Projects

Unlocking value in urban spaces can be achieved in many ways and is best achieved if part of a holistic long-term plan.

Managed Precincts


Ballito UIP

The Ballito Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) was established in 2015 by local property owners as a way to create safe, clean and well-managed public spaces that reflect the high quality of the growing Ballito offering.

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Florida Rd UIP

Underlying the experience and attributes of Florida Rd is a well-structured management initiative, of the Florida Rd UIP that works to ensure the experience of the public space is a positive one.

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uMhlanga UIP

Funded by the area’s commercial and residential property owners, the UIP works to secure and enhance property values and support business activity in the area, with the ultimate goal being to improve the environment and quality of life for all uMhlanga Rocks’ users.

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Bridge City Management Association

Bridge City is a joint venture between Tongaat Hulett Developments (THD) and the eThekwini Municipality (eTM), where THD is development manager and sales agent for the project. The Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) has been set up to manage the public space in this development BCMA

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Cornubia Industrial Business Estate

The Cornubia Industrial and Business Management Association (CIBEMA) NPC, was registered in February 2013 to take responsibility of the management and maintenance of public and visible private spaces; as well as safety and security in the estate so as to ensure the value enhancement of the properties in the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate.

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Riverhorse Valley Business Estate

The RHVBEMA has been set up to is to create, enhance and protect the value of property ownership and occupation within Riverhorse Valley Business Estate.

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Stemming Urban Decay

With appropriate urban management services, we aim to stem the negative effect of urban decay and begin the process of rejuvenating open public space.

Strategic Partnerships

From our clients to the municipality we believe in creating strong and productive partnerships that enhance the economic value of urban spaces.

Enhancing Value

By creating safe, clean and well managed open public space, we aim to enhance property values; secure investor confidence, and improve experience of place.

Place-Making and Marketing

Positive perceptions drive successful places and we work to make perceptions reality by actively telling the story of the place.

Policy Alignment

We work hard to ensure meaningful and productive engagements with the local authorities to maximise the potential of economic nodes.

Best Practice

Through experience and relationships, we focus on evolving best practice in urban management.