Municipal politics is killing small business

SACCI president

An article published by South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Mtho Xulu highlights the dire situation facing small business in our country.

The statements made by Mtho Xulu echoes the challenges faced by many of our managed precincts in KwaZulu-Natal. The increasing gap in municipal service delivery places a huge weighting on the Managing Associations and Urban Improvement Precincts to go over and above the mandated supplementary services.

“Business formations in every town need to be unapologetic in demanding credible and consistent services because it is those businesses, who pay rates and taxes and who bear the brunt of collapsing municipalities, which should be growing and sustaining local economies.”

Mtho Xulu, president, South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Outside of lobbying for additional investment in infrastructure, businesses need to consistently call our local municipalities to order, ring fencing monies for special projects.

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