Ballito UIP focus areas for the new year

As we look ahead into 2023, the Ballito UIP anticipate a few projects to improve the aesthetics and ensure a functioning, well-managed and secure precinct.

Moja Cart Refresh
The team is set to revamp the excellent Moja Carts this year. The Moja Carts have been well received by vendors and a great success thus far in keeping with the aesthetics of our beloved Ballito. While cart maintenance happens regularly including new tyres, umbrellas, and washing of the carts there are some that need a complete refresh.

Traffic lights to generators or inverters
With the continuation of load-shedding our team has been  investigating various options to take certain traffic lights off the grid, thus alleviating traffic congestion.

Ballito Promenade repairs
Our Promenade is always a high priority and therefore, with KwaDukuza Municipality taking the lead, repairs are set to take place along the promenade to keep it looking its best!

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